First real test and our soccer stats look great!

This weekend, we recorded two matches for a U11 team and the results look great. Check out the results of two equally matched teams below.

While “My Team” (the Sparks) had less possession, the ball was in the opposition half more often. This is good news for team Sparks as they maintained high pressure.


For the traditional stats below, the teams are pretty equal. Sarn had a great defending team with their high shot blocks. But the Sparks’ counter attacks offers a great hint to why they won.


While the charts above speak volumes about possession and ball location, the stats here give the overall numbers that repeat the pressure offered by team Sparks.


The core metrics start here. Team Sparks were equal to, or out performed, team Sarn in everything but shot blocks and shot quality.



What can team Sparks learn from the results?

  1. First, the players should know these results help them understand their performance and see them as ways to improve, regardless if they play a stronger or weaker team.
  2. Overall, when team Sparks has the ball, they were better than team Sarn. But when defending, they were equal in ability, and would benefit from understanding shot blocks to develop their back line of defense.
  3. Characteristic of U11 teams, tactics for maintaining possession (or winning possession) from restarts is an area of contemplation for the coach. The team’s drive is high though strategic thinking is an area of growth. Showing the team the statistics and focusing in on one or two metrics to improve will go a long way to develop strategic thinking. Once the team sees how they improve a metric, they will be motivated to improve others.

We have a little fine tuning of our app to complete then it will be ready for your team to use. Subscribe to our mailing list (check out the link at the top right) to know when our app is released.

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