Developing the player’s drive

At the age of around 8, players either need to maintain or develop their drive to develop and perform. The “win” works for the ambitious minority, but for the majority that are quietly ambitious with developing, equal and greater skill levels than the minority, the “win” is ineffective resulting in great players quitting the beautiful game. Both the minority and the majority will develop well with having targets other than the “win” to develop into great soccer players and people.

The best coaches will tell players that it is not about the win…it is about player development. This is because players need to feel supported crossing that bridge to the win. If it is about the “win”, then players need to cross that bridge alone and this is where they feel alone in their growth.

The above truths are what lead to the development of the goFooty app.

The goFooty app was designed to give coaches and players with many ways to see development. For example, If player strategic-play is below the competition, setting goals to improve throw-in success and defending, and other metrics, are ways to give players confidence that they are making a difference.

Use the goFooty metrics to help players confirm their contribution to the team. Encourage players to study the metrics and you will find their drive to perform will grow faster than ever before.


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