The goFooty Scribe™ tips

The goFooty Scribe™—the person that records actions of a match with the goFooty app—is a fun responsibility that gives the team great value. And being a Scribe is easy…during our testing, a 12-year old learned the gestures on the fly and a non-technical adult felt confident after practising as we mention below.

On every team, there are a number of passionate parents that are more than interested to help out the team. And many of them have lots of video game experience, which makes them great candidates to be a Scribe. Assign them the Scribe role and magic will happen.

Use the following as a guide to become a quality Scribe and an asset for the team, coach and players.

Have fun as a goFooty Scribe!


Practice the gestures by watching a match on YouTube for 5 minutes. Then practice with a multiple saves video and a goal-line clearances video. You will find it pretty easy when you recognize the patterns of the gestures. A shot and a save is a swipe-up and a swipe-up. Multiple saves and goal-line clearances are the hardest part and the rest is pretty casual.

Warm up before each match with the simulator.

Here are the gestures, which you can see using the simulator.


The basics

Be near the half line when recording a match.

Swipe down either side when the ball goes out of play.

When the referee blows the whistle, tap the clock immediately then select the appropriate button at the time of that event. If a drop ball, click on the clock a second time to return to the gesture screen and tap at the time of the restart.

You can leave the app at half time (at anytime, really) and return where you left off.

For the second half, physically change sides of the pitch or switch sides in the app. Switching sides in the app might feel odd to start but will become natural quickly.

For restarts like corners, goal kicks and throw ins, while you are waiting, choose which thumb will act and put the other thumb off to the side. This habit will be most helpful in the first few minutes of the second half if you have chosen to switch sides in the app.

The undos

If you need to restart the clock after a false start, select the clock and select the “stop clock” button.

Did you tap for the wrong possession, tilt the wrong way, record a goal kick or corner kick incorrectly, did a throw in for the wrong team, or something else? Forget about it. Continue recording and it will have minimal impact on the overall results.

Was there a foul throw? Swipe down to record the ball out of play then swipe up for the next throw in.

After a penalty kick infringement, select the whistle twice (leave and return to the gesture screen), and continue with a tap for the re-kick or the indirect free kick. If it will be an indirect free kick, be ready to swipe up after the tap as a shot is very likely to come next.

Match recording and battery usage

A 90-minute match will use about 20% of your battery power, depending on your device and device settings (outside of the goFooty app). We recommend having a full charge before recording. Plan accordingly.

Have a Head Scribe

Statistics for your team is a big deal and deserves a separate person to arrange a Scribe for every match, much like what the team parent / manager / admin does for managing the team.

Assign a Head Scribe to help the coach focus on coaching, the team parent / manager / admin to focus on managing the team, and everyone to benefit from the statistics. The first Scribe is often suited to be the Head Scribe.