The goFooty culture

Your objective, like ours, is to help players develop and love soccer for life.

The goFooty statisticsmetrics and charts inform and empower coaches, players and parents. Players get more than ‘the win’ as a form of motivation and develop the sense of empowerment. Use the following information to help maintain the beautiful culture of soccer while benefiting players, coaches and the team. In the end, you will help ensure youth achieve a higher sustainable level of performance and enjoyment for soccer, and develop great life skills.

Develop strategic thinking

Have everyone look at the statistics and metrics. The more they know, the further they will develop strategic thinking. Also, the metrics help players feel proud of their effort, even when the other team wins.

Create dialogue

Encourage everyone to talk about the statistics and metrics. Dialogue between players, players and coaches, and players and parents maintains an environment for strategic thinking to bloom. Let players lead the discussion and coaches and parents will no longer need to be motivational speakers.

Develop objectivity

Keep the following in mind:

  • A low ranking statistic or metric might naturally be low (like shot blocks) or it indicates development is needed.
  • Fluctuations from match to match are due to differences in opponents and luck.
  • A small sample size, like one corner during a match, can produce 0% or 100%.

What this means is that everyone needs objectivity when looking as statistics and metrics.

Develop focus

The coach can use the selected highlights to keep players, coaches and parents in sync and also refer to the highlights during practices to make it more real for the players. The result is that after the practice is done, all that you say will be reinforced regularly when the players are away from practice. Give this time and you will see incredible results.

We recommend highlighting as follows:

  • Highlight a team strength so that the team maintains what helps them perform at their best
  • Highlight a team weakness so that the team develops
  • Highlight a meaningful medium level metric as “seeing” a balance in the highlights is great for the team’s self-confidence

Have integrity

Here’s to respecting the referee, assistant referees and the other team. They love soccer as much as you. Integrity, or the lack thereof, is learned through observation.