The goFooty possession and ball location charts

You can get traditional statistics for any match if you are willing to work at it, but getting goFooty metrics or possession and ball-location weighting is beyond the capability of most everyone (except teams with a huge budget). Well, that was before the goFooty app became available.

Possession and ball-location weightings are uncommon in the soccer industry. If you do an exhausted look around, you might find something like them for professional teams. So, getting these types of measures for your team is nothing short of phenomenal.

The possession and ball location charts are produced for each match, like what you see below. Imagine the following possession and ball location charts came from a match for your team. What do they tell you?


Our team had more possession and most of the play was in the other team’s half. The other team put out more pressure in the second half and had their best pressure near the end of the match.

Is that something you would have realized without the charts? Maybe. Would it be something you will remember weeks later? Unlikely, particularly if your team lost (these things happen).

These charts are incredibly valuable for coaches as they help confirm or refine their interpretation of the match. For example, a coach that looks at the above chart would understand the team played great, even if they lost. Maybe the team was just unlucky. The other statistics and metrics, like counter attacks, would help in the assessment.

Heck, the charts are also great fun for players and parents as well. It helps develop the players’ love of the game, and helps parents live vicariously through their kids.