The goFooty statistics

The goFooty app provides traditional soccer statistics (as discussed below), actionable metrics, and possession and ball location weighting charts.

Statistics offer the following benefits:

  • Statistics help keep our feelings grounded on what really happened, even weeks later like when preparing for a rematch.
  • We can gain insights if we study them long enough.
  • Players keep their attention on the team’s performance when away from the team.
  • Statistics keep the spirit of the match alive.

The statistics we offer are as follows:

  • popular statistics
    • score
    • shots
    • shot blocks
    • shots on target
    • saves
    • goals per shot
  • insightful statistics
    • counter attacks
    • possession
    • possession in opposing half
    • possession in own half
    • time in own half
  • basic statistics
    • corner kicks
    • goal kicks
    • throw ins
    • fouls
    • offsides
    • free kicks
    • penalty kicks

One thing you might notice is that the possession times or the ball-location times don’t add up to the total time of the match. This is because we don’t count time when the ball is out of play. If you look at your results, you will now know why behind teams rush restarts in the last minutes of a match (every second is precious). Play, on average, accounts for 55-60% of the match time.

You might also notice that possession and ball location times don’t match up—this is because the moment a shot is taken, the intention is to trade possession for a scoring opportunity. You are now well on your way to be an official goFooty geek!

Here is our statistics screen.

GoFooty_SkillDevleopment_01 (option 1)

We also present the goFooty metrics on this screen.

Cool stuff!